Wingman is a British brand that combines lifestyle and performance to deliver awesome grooming products for men.


Founded in 2009 by Stu Jolley, the lightbulb moment came while camped on the beach on a surf trip to the south of France. Rifling through his wash bag, he realised how disillusioned he was with the total lack of male grooming products that aligned with his lifestyle. Wingman was born out of this frustration and he set out to create an authentic brand that genuinely serves the needs of the modern man.


Stu teamed up with Simon Maudsley, a like-minded individual who also believed there was an ever-increasing opportunity for a lifestyle brand offering high quality grooming products for men. From those first days the end goal with Wingman has deliberately been kept simple: to help men look, feel and be better.


Too many male grooming brands are merely female brands with “For Men” tacked on or overly reliant on unnecessary science and technobabble. Wingman favour a no nonsense approach, making products that do exactly what men need them to do with no compromise on quality.


The Wingman creative lab are challenged with a simple brief – be different. They constantly over deliver, striving to serve up the coolest and best performing mens grooming products in the world. A testament to the core, Wingman products always deliver more for the family of boarders, surfers, riders, athletes and adventurers.

Wingman don’t have working hours, this is a commitment to being the best company possible and that comes with no time constraints. Success is not measured by company profit but by the number of people who take the Wingman brand as their own.


If the sheer size of a company impresses you, Wingman is not your brand. If it’s a world of creativity, passion and a dare to be different attitude that you’re looking for, Wingman will do everything possible to be that brand.


The Wingman sights are now firmly set on becoming the most credible and adventurous male grooming brand in the world. The journey is a rollercoaster with epic highs and enormous challenges but Wingman live by the mantra “the hard yards are always worth it”. It starts with the right people, awesome products and a little bit of luck.


More men are starting to take much greater pride in their appearance, it’s only right they have grooming products they can be proud of. Feel free to get involved and come along for the ride!